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Local churches growing in prayer Local churches growing in prayer
Pastors and leaders covered in prayer Pastors and leaders covered in prayer
Couples at prayer Couples at prayer

Become one in a million

Couples at prayer  Couples at prayer

It's a startling statistic. According to Gallup there is no difference in divorce rates between Christian marriages and all other marriages in our country. One out of two ends in divorce. But when couples develop a lifestyle of praying together daily, the divorce rate drops to one out of every 1,152 marriages.

Wow. Think what would happen if every Christian couple learned to pray together daily.

Want to take the journey? During 2007 Houston Prays is identifying resources and creative strategies to help you become a successful praying couple. Our goal is to raise up 1,000 couples to journey with us this year. Perhaps next year thousands more will join us.

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